Friday, April 3, 2009

Oh you Skate?Thats cute...


I Like Skateboarding.
I Love skateboarding.
Its my first true love and nothing will ever replace it.
I've been doing it for soo long now that its weird when I dont have it.
Skateboarding is definatly my best friend and its always there when I need it. <3

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I feel bad for people that dont skateboard.They miss out on such a simple pleasure. Can you imagine how dull your life would be if you didnt know the feeling of popping an ollie of a curb? A recent conversation with made me realize this. It was with a friend of mine, a person that doesn't skate, doesn't paint doesn't write doesnt do anything but work and school. He expressed frustration to me and all i had was pity for him. To have nothing to devote your life to, how terrible is that? Skateboarding has introduced me to so much; an unparralleled education that no school could ever give me, a way of life no teacher could ever instruct me in, and the best friends i've ever had. I look forward to what skateboarding still has to offer me. Despite my aging bones, I feel like i'm just getting started. I know its only going to get better.


I cant even imagine completely giving up skateboarding. Will I ever stop perpetually scanning my surroundings for somthing new to skate? Will I ever forget the exhilaration of pushing through traffic, the knowledge that comes from life spent in the streets, or the magic of nailing a kickflip? I'm sure that I will find new activities as I get older, but i think I will always compare everything to skateboarding. No matter how old and feeble I may get, I know I will die a skateboarder.



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